Unfettered Imagination (from my Patreon page)

Have you ever looked at a framed science fiction or fantasy image and wished it was a window onto a different world?  Wondered what was around the corner you could not see?  Well, that is the way I look at art and literature.  That is how I lose myself in the worlds created by other artists and writers.  I want to know what fantastic idea, image, or story would come to life if I was able to open that window and go out into their world.

Will I see the storm clouds gathering on the horizon or a breathtakingly beautiful city revealed on a hill?  Am I walking into an alien bizarre or temple?  What is hidden from me?  I want to drink it all in and ask for more.  It is this sense of wonder that makes viewing art and reading stories so worth while.  Being on the other end by painting images and writing stories, I have come to understand what it takes to create that desire in your audience.  I hope some of you will find my work captivating enough to want to see around the next corner.


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