Concept Art Junkie (from my Patreon page)

I admit it whole heartily, I am a concept art junkie.  Movies, video games, and book covers, I love seeing the images that were part of the process in creating them.  Any major science fiction or fantasy movie is loaded with renderings of ideas considered for locations, creatures, and clothing.  “Lord of the Rings” directed by Peter Jackson is a great example of the amount of quality artwork produced to help visualize the story for other artists to create the sets, costumes, and digital creatures.  I love watching all of this on my extended edition extras.

One of my favorite games from my Xbox was “PowerDrome” released by Electronic Arts.  Besides being the best alternative on Xbox for Wipeout, one of the rewards for winning races was the opening of concept art files.  The art for the race track designs turned out to be some very nice science fiction art, in my opinion.  It was full of atmospheric renderings of alien worlds and futuristic race tracks, which were distinct for each world.  Not only were areas of the world worked out but the varying racetrack equipment and vehicles too.

Finally, being a fan of Michael Whelan, I have seen much of his work, including alternate versions of covers he created as part of the process of submitting book covers for approval.  One of my favorites was “Dragon on Board”, which was an alternate cover for Anne McCaffrey’s novel “All the Weyrs of Pern”.  Interestingly enough, this became the cover for another book I believe.  In addition, my collectible card sets art book for Michael Whelan contain several pencil sketches and color studies he did while pondering different projects.  I love looking at them all.  I highly recommend searching out concept artwork from your favorite sources of entertainment.  You might be surprised by what you find.


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