The Play of Light Through an Image (from my Patreon Page)



I have always been fascinated by the play of light through a colored medium.  Whether it is light going through a crystal or a pane of Stained Glass, the glowing color created is worth seeing.  I have actually tried making a candle holder with a copy of my drawing “Barnacles and Butterflies” because I thought the colors would look great with light shining through them, like a Chinese lantern.  Unfortunately, I did not find a viable solution to get the image placed on glass and the best I can offer for now is the above image.

As a kid I used to play with my light-brite, yeah I know many of you may not know what that is, to make colorful designs with light.  I put a Tiffany style ceiling light in my computer room looking to get the soft glow of colors they project.  Something about light sources contained within colored materials just makes me happy.  I remember years when the colored Christmas lights around the outside of the house got buried by snow and all you could see were glowing spots of color.  Candlelight flickering through a glass design is simply mesmerizing to me.

One of my future goals is to create a line of images on candles just so I and anyone who likes them can enjoy seeing light passing through them.  Your support would be most appreciated in reaching this goal.


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