Being in Between (from my Patreon page)

Many of my story ideas come from being a person constantly in between two worlds, never fitting into either.  One of the reasons for the title of the collection these stories hail from is that, although most of my life I have been a misfit, I have come to see myself as a mystic.  I have found that many of the ideas I held fast to where indeed correct, more so than a large portion of society.

Another aspect of being in between is that you see that both sides are right and they are both wrong.  Rarely; however, will either side listen to you on the subject because to them you are a misfit.  Mystic/Misfit, Tomato/Tamato.  The stories that are generated tend to be battles against inner demons and identity shaping.  My characters fight to define themselves outside of the strictures placed upon them.  They struggle to free themselves from the conventions of normal.

They feel weak but eventually turn out to be quite strong.  Where others might give up, they find a core of strength and stubbornness that sees them through whether human, alien, or something else.  Come with me and read between the lines of the choices most people would make.


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