Science and Magic (from my Patreon page)

You will find that my stories and art just as easily touch on the holy as the scientific.  I am one of those rare people whose faith is not shaken or threatened by science.  My faith comes from the smallness of man within this vast universe and the fact that neither science nor faith can encompass all the possibilities or realities.  In addition, I have an artistic nature that has been cultivated in Science Fiction and Fantasy stories along with a fascination in human history.

I have seen science fall prey to human foibles just as easily as religion.  I am not saying that science is no better than religion at understanding the universe.  What I am saying is that, although science demands proof through observation and predictability, it can still be made blind by human stubbornness and pride.  History is full of treasured theories that had to be battered down by the forces of progress.  A very sad tendency I have noticed in our modern world is the pride of understanding that science has with technology.  There are times I hear of scientists so secure in science’s and technology’s ability to solve the problems they create.  So many forget that they are human, subject to nature, human weakness, and delusions.  Thus, while I will believe easier in science than religion because I can touch and feel it, I will always treat each with a healthy dose of doubt.

Some of my stories and posts are explorations of the confluence of science and religion, examinations of religion from a scientific point of view.   Others are contemplations  on the dangerous liaisons between science and business.  Driven by profit, the pace of our technological growth in this century has long since outstripped our ability to deal with the ramifications of said technology.   One area that has me concerned is video technology.  As we become better and better at creating realistic portrayals of fictitious events, we risk losing our hold on reality.  I know that conspiracy theories about the moon landings have been around for decades and have little basis in reality, but we are fast approaching a world where such a hoax could be carried out.  Look at the effect fake news is having via social networks like Twitter and Facebook.

So, do not be surprised to hear me taking about God and string theory in the same story.


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