Talking About Dragons


A King with a golden crown and Dragons to command.


I am currently rereading one of my favorite dragon stories, “Dragonsbane” by Barbara Hambly.  Many of the notions I have about dragons come from her creation, Morkeleb the Black, whom is an old dragon of great power.  He is not the kind to senselessly attack a knight and expose himself.  He is intelligent, shrewd, and merciless but he is also wise.  At first Mrs. Hambly leaves you with the impression of brutish bestiality; however, as the story goes on you find out that some dragons are very intelligent.

That is how I like to portray them.  Yes, they are large and powerfully built but  my dragons like to use that as a means to an end not as the end itself.  They know the effect their size has on their enemy and will use it wisely to get the point across.  My dragons will not be bashing through the landscape, burning everything in sight, unless something causes them to (this is a little hint about the novel in my head).  Anyway, when I start uploading Dragon Dreams, you with come face to face with a unique dragon that challenges your perception of reality.  For now, enjoy the painting I did called “Lord Dragon”.  This is a change from the version I posted on deviantart because I was never happy with the background.


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