Canvas of the Imagination (from my Patreon page)

If you have looked at my Deviantart page or seen my works in other places, one of the things you will notice is that I use unique canvas sizes. For me, the area to paint can be as important as the painting because it helps define your goals.

I actually had a canvas custom-made for a painting of a grizzly bear I created.  Like the canvas size for “Quiet Strength – Silent Vulnerability” it was tall and thin.  For the digital painting “Sundiver” I tried such a canvas size again, hoping to evoke the vastness of the sun and the smallness of the man, while still allowing some closeness to the man.  Unfortunately, I was not happy with the results so someday I hope to redo the painting with some other canvas.

In other cases, I choose the opposite dimensions where the height is small compared to the width.  Usually, I do this so I can emphasize the scale of the background to the focus image.  I did this with “Universal Eyes – Infinite Sadness”.  I wanted the side view of the galaxy to expand well beyond the face of the wolf.

Finally, there are times I choose a canvas for the challenge or I have no thought about it at all.  I have a huge oil painting I have not finished  that I chose simply for the challenge of its size.  Hopefully someday I will finish the painting and share it with you.


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