Planetary Painting (from my Patreon page)

Saturn painting Detail

As part of my “It’s All Connected” series, I have had to paint several planets in our solar system.  For every one I have turned to NASA for actual reference images.  I tend to search for images from the Hubble telescope and planetary probes anyway, just for the beauty of the stars, so using them to create artwork is just an extension of that love.

The image I used to paint Saturn in “Quiet Strength – Silent Vulnerability” came from the Cassini probe in the system.  Seeing close up images of such an interesting planet really makes my mind step beyond our tiny world into the cosmic void.  I always loved watching science shows about such probes, especially the jerky films made from collections of photos in time.  The painting I did feels like a sudden flicker will move the moons along in their path, wouldn’t that be fun.


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