A Wish for Dragons (from my Patreon page)


Here is a little freebie today.  I needed to change my mood from being sick (physically) and sick (spiritually) of life right now.  I have a sinus infection that is working into my chest, making me a grumpy guy then there is the darker turn this country is taking.  Suffice it to say, I am run down.

So I give you a dragon.  Not one of my better efforts since it was done in watercolor, which I am not good at.  However, I get the urge now and then to try it again.  Yes, I do know that it looks like a horse’s face.  I am always trying to use different references when making dragons because I am still trying to create a good one.  I look at all the dragons my favorite artists have done and sigh.

This particular drawing was done in search of a representation of the main dragon manipulating the protagonist in the trilogy of short stories titled “Dragon Dreams”.  This series of stories will be the most challenging of the collection since they take place on multiple dream levels, our dreams, the dreams made by the dragon, and a dream state between the two.  I hope some day to create a dragon worthy of representing these stories; until then enjoy this one.


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