Here is my two pennies worth.

Well, things are as they are.  I don’t like it because for all the religious backing of our current government, most of the actions and goals given do not fit the christian ideals preached by Christ.  However, my thought is that protesting through violence isn’t the answer either.  You just end up making them feel more righteous about what they are doing.  Also, you draw out more violent reaction leading to further repression.

My answer, stop paying them.  What?  I don’t pay them.  Ah, yes you do.  Every time you go to the pump, every time you buy a gadget, every time you eat out, you feed the economy that feeds the 1% who feed and control this government.  All along, you have cried foul at the things they were doing then turned around and paid them money to continue doing it.  That is why I have said on many occasions we are all to blame for this.  Since no one is willing to do without stuff they really don’t need, the ugliness continues to go on.

Why should they change when your money keeps telling them you don’t really mind what they are doing?  That is how we lost jobs to Mexico and China.  It isn’t because those countries stole them, it is because we bought the cheap stuff they made even when we were told it fed the machine of the people leading it.  Our own petty greed for the next Iphone or digital camera gave CEO’s the incentive to continue outsourcing.  Steve Jobs was a bastard in real life, cheating our country out of millions of dollars, watch the stories about him.  Just because he made such a wonderful toy for you does not change the facts.  Hell, Thomas Edison was a thief stealing movies from the first French director and making millions.  As long as you fling wads of cash at them, they will keep getting stronger.

The only way to truly wake them up is to hit their pocket books.  Cut back, do less, pay off your credit cards and debt, and live within your means.  I know it sucks because I am already living it.  I have mentioned my situation before and I am doing without a lot to remedy it.  I would be so damned happy to be able to cut up the one credit card I have and pay with cash, because I am sick of how much power I am giving them with my interest payment.  If you want to see the 1% brought to their knees, drop out of the economy as much as you can.  If a half of the population in this country cut their spending in half the Government and Rich would be shitting bricks.  We need to make them understand that without us building or servicing their products and, also, buying them, they would be nothing.  We are the ants; they are the grasshoppers.

Will it hurt?  Hell yes, you can’t shake the economy we have without jobs being lost.  The 1%’s only response to a slowed economy is to fire people for which they praise themselves for making tough decisions (to me, keeping people and making it work is a harder choice, but hey).  The other choice you have is to keep telling them that you don’t mind getting less and less out of your paycheck by buying more of their product.  Your choice, risk losing your job or send yourself and your children to economic slavery to the 1%.  Their plans are moving us in that direction.

Do without.  Give to the poor.  Learn to play cards and fix up your house.  Re-find family time.  Stop giving the 1% the money and the power that goes with it.  Yeah it sucks to do without, just ask those who lived through the Great Depression and WWII.  Let’s try to be like the Greatest Generation instead of what I have come to see as, the Worst Generation, the Generation that could not live without even if it had meant bringing our sons and daughters home from the middle east wars earlier.


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