Capturing a Spark (from my Patreon page)

Whether it is a picture or a story, I am usually inspired by a single idea that is, more often than not, nebulous.  The reason they are nebulous is because they spring from multiple directions and are accumulations of observations.  Next month’s story “The Devil’s in the Code” sprang from my observations of the business world, the risks involved with genetic manipulation, and of course, good old human hubris.  I also tucked in some historical information.  Placing the story in the context of the Devil being called on the carpet by God just seemed appropriate.  A story I will present later was an attempt to come to grips with the christian notion that if you just believe in Jesus you will go to heaven.  For me, that has been a hard one to swallow given how unchristian so many Christians are and the thought that if an evil person repents on their death-bed that counts.  Still not sure if the story helped me.  “Trinity”, which will come up in March, was an attempt through symbolism to write my feelings about a world-changing event in our history.  I also wanted to express my strong feelings about it, as well as, challenge the reader to figure it out.

My art on the other hand is an attempt to show through artistic skill the objects I find captivating.  Again, what I try to capture is the essence of what drew me to the image.  Be it the sharp contrast between areas on the subject or the reflective nature of a surface.  In one painting I may strive to emulate the liquid gloss of an eye or the soft fuzziness of fur.  However, there are also times when I am trying to express ideas such as in my “It’s all Connected” series.  My goal was to show that everything on this planet is connected to each other, which is something that cannot be ignored in this day and age.  When you push on nature, it will eventually push back because, no matter how big a head man gets, we are still subject to nature since we are nature.  In “Quiet Strength – Silent Vulnerability”, I used Mars and Jupiter as the tiger’s eyes to express two aspects of their existence.  Jupiter represents their size and strength, their power upon the human mind.  Mars represents their death at the hands of and their possible extinction by man.

So, you can see that my mind is always looking for ways to express what I see in the world.  Is that not one of the hallmarks of being human.


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