Simple Things (from my Patreon Page)

Sorry for not posting the other day but I caught the bug going around and my drive is about at zero.  Heads up to anyone who gets regular allergy shots, when they say don’t get your shot when you are sick, don’t get you shot.  The shot knocks down your immune system.  Anyway, lets talk about simple things.

Some artwork can be full of details and ideas, while others are busy with a riot of colors.  However, sometimes it is the simplest aspects that can really make an image.  I have moved away from working on Carrie Fisher’s face to work on her dress a bit.  I have always enjoyed working on folds in clothing because there isn’t much to them, but when done correctly they look really great.  The use of contrast makes all the difference.  Dark tone below light tone then a medium tone above that, where the dark represents the shadow under the fold and the light is the area directly above the fold that blends into the medium tone (semi-shadow).  Simple.  The hardest part is trying not to over think it.

When simple aspects of any painting are done well, most people won’t even notice them because they add to the overall painting.  But when they are done wrong, they stand out glaringly.  For me as an artist, little things like a well done fold in a piece of fabric can be more interesting than all the detail work in a complex painting.  Take a look at the clothes on the figures in the next painting you see.  Do the folds look good or slapped on?  Have fun.



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