Composition (from my Patreon page)

Yeah, whatever.  That is how much I thought about composition when I first started drawing.  Do you know that my earliest method of drawing was to start an image on the part that most interested me and work my way outwards.  Really!  I would start on someone’s eyes and build the face from there.  Surprisingly I could manage a decent likeness that way but I also ran into proportional issues later, especially when I tried to work out to a full figure.  This is probably why I still have issues drawing people.

If you look at some of my oldest works, you can see the way I worked from one point to another without a specific initial plan.  I take more time planning today then I did but I have some hang ups left over that still give me trouble.  One of the biggest is that I don’t leave enough space around my images for framing.  I have the habit of drawing right up to the edge of the paper.  I actually did that on Quiet Strength – Silent Vulnerability.  However, I will ask for some indulgence in this instance since I worked from a reference image that was set up that way.  I drew the tiger as I saw it in the photo without attempting to extrapolate what I could not see, which caused trouble when I pasted the image onto the larger canvas of the final image.  The top part of the tiger’s head was sheared off and I had to add it in.  Before I make a print available, I am going to add a white border so you can matte it without covering the image.

Working in the digital realm is helpful to me in dealing with this deficiency since I can adjust the images as I add them to the final canvas.  I like being able to work on parts separately as I did when younger then lay them out properly in a larger image.  This is where the ability to have separate layers in an image really comes in handy.  I like to keep images in their layers until I am sure they fit the total composition.  As I put together more progression files, you will see how I use these layers to build an image.


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