A 9 for Style (from my Patreon page)

I love artists who have unique styles of creation.  If you look through my favorites on my deviantart site you will see all kinds of styles that I felt were done right and caught my eye.  Styles ranging from the photo realistic to the impressionistic, minimalism to detail-ism, and symbolism to narrative-ism.

As for me, I don’t believe or cannot discern a particular style to my artwork.  I have to admit I do a fair amount of symbolism in my artwork, Universal Eyes – Infinite Sadness and Quiet Strength – Silent Vulnerability for example, but it is not a main focus in my work.  About all I can say about my work is that I consistently strive to be like Michael Whelan, who is my biggest inspiration.

I have always wanted to portray my SFF ideas with the same level of skill that Mr. Whelan is so noted for.  Crisp, clean images with lots of detail in backgrounds that are as well done as the foreground images, in other words, the capturing of a complete scene.  Whether he is doing an image full of symbolism or one character, his skill with the medium he uses is always apparent.  That is what I strive for.

In writing on the other hand, I have a certain style and a distinctive voice.  My style is very descriptive and emotional.  Because I am an artist, I like to describe my stories visually.  I want the reader to feel they could see the scene before their eyes as they read.  Of course, this sometimes leads to trouble when I get, shall we say, flowery.  Luckily, I have also taken a course in business writing where simple, clean writing is emphasized.  You can imagine the inner battles that creates.

My voice is that of a loner, someone who does not fit well with the rest of society.  Many of my stories deal with people facing inner demons or dealing with singular problems.  The list of characters is short and the battles are more often on the inside.  Many of my stories fit this voice but I do; however, strive to push my boundaries so that some stories have larger casts and more action.   The novel I am working on is a mix of the internal voice in places along with a cast of characters fit for a grander scale.

Please feel free to take a swim in my creations to see if the water is nice.


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