Pillars of Heaven

Well, if you have been coming to this blog for a while, you will know that I am not an atheist.  Yes, I beleive in God, but that does not mean I hate atheists or Jews.  This life is tough and there are no clear answers.   Everyone has to find their own way.

What I don’t beleive in is organized religion.  As far as I see it, every one of todays religions has fallen from the path of God.  When you side with forces that are bent upon harming others or destroying nature, which God made for us, then you are against God.  Allowing Priests to corrupt minors to save face, fail.  Killing thousands in plane attacks, fail.  Promoting hate crimes against other races, fail (when you don’t denounce this, you show your true color).

I see more hate and evil being ignored or supported by so called Chritians than avowed atheists.   Attacking science because it makes people doubt your God is a sin.  You are saying God is too weak to defend himself and that only you know the truth, epic fail.  God does not make it easy to understand him.  He will challenge you all the way to the grave.  The only true way to live a Christian life is by example not by decree.  Quit telling everyone else how to live, that is God’s choice to make.  Placing men in power who treat women like property instead of the gift God gave them,you know what I think.  Blaming and punishing only women about abortion, not only hypocritical but sinful.  Abortion will not stop until you start punishing men as much as women.  If you truly love your daughters, you would demand this.

Stop spouting the words and start living the life.  This blog is full of attempts to see the world as it is, the science and the religion.  Attempts to look beyond the illusionary words to the truthful actions.  I very much want your support for my artwork but not by becomming something else.   This is who I am and it is part of my creative nature.  Please come with an open mind.


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