Learning Curve (from my Patreon page)

Two things I am learning about right now are airbrushing and digital submissions.  First, with the Carrie Fisher project I am working on, I am finding myself looking at airbrush technique videos in hopes of gleaning better methods of doing the skin tone gradations I need.  I almost always use the airbrush tool in my digital art so I am hoping for some correlations that I can use to make a smoother transition of shades in the painting.  The methods I would normally use with pencil just do not apply here.

Second, I am learning the intricacies of submitting a digital image for consideration in a publication.  After seeing another artist talking about submitting a piece to Spectrum, I decided to check out the entry rules.  I was surprised to see that the submission window was open until 1/25/17 and decided to try my hand with Quiet Strength – Silent Vulnerability.  However, I had to have a 400 dpi tiff version ready if I was accepted.  Mine was in 300 dpi.  What to do?  I went to YouTube and got the answer.  But that is not the end.  For the actual submission, you are directed to send in a 72 dpi jpeg version less than 10MB.  Wait, what?  My fear was degradation of image if I converted to a lower dpi.  I currently have a question in to them since my 300 dpi jpeg is less than 10MB.  I am crossing my fingers that they will let me send that.

To be included in one of the Spectrum books would be a great boost to my moral and a big draw for my work.  Please send all the wishes you can.


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