Thankful (from my Patreon page)

Gimp LogoOne of the things I am very thankful for in 2016 is Gimp 2.8.  Not just the program but the people who created it and gave it away free, the people who improved it without asking for anything, and the people who maid YouTube videos on how to use it.  Without them, I would not be sharing the great artwork I have been able to do with Gimp 2.8.  I am also thankful for Patreon.  Without such a convenient place to seek support and share results, I could not hope to take my creativity from a hobby to a life.

I did not build this myself.  All the people making these tools possible made my artwork possible.  Without the people who built what I use or the people that support me through being patrons, I would be someone who can really draw well.  I hope in the New Year to come that you stop to appreciate all those that make possible all the things that make your survival possible.

P.S.  I am thankful to Pandora for the rocking tunes I am listening to now and when I paint.


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