What is passion?  For me it means a drive that can’t be held back for any reason.  I have a passion for reading and can’t go for long periods without a book.  I get antsy when I don’t have one to read.  I need to explore new worlds, new ideas, and new Peoples.  My mind needs the challenge of fresh plots and scenes.  Even rereading an old book can prove enlightening to the changes I have under gone.  Their ideas may resonate differently the second time around.  I want to capture those feelings.  Reading is almost as important to me as breathing.  That is passion.

I am the same way about art.  I need to view it, I need to make it.  Ideas are constantly running through my head.  To look at other people’s artwork is to be inspired to create more myself.  Unfortunately, over the years, life has had a way of taking my art away from me for long periods of time.  These were low points in my life, but the world has yet to totally destroy the drive that makes me create.  I always come back.  My writing actually filled the void for a while because I enjoy creating visually descriptive scenes.  Art always comes back though and when I had some time off from work for medical reasons, I created three digital images that were a notch above where I had been before.  Now I am digging into art again.  I hope you enjoy what I am producing and support me.


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