What does your support do for Me? (from Patreon Page)

To be brutally honest, for now, it will help me to survive.  I am the epitome of a starving artist.  My only income is from my job as a sales representative and I have not had a raise since 2007, while medical, food, and taxes have all gone up.  I am also carrying thousands of dollars in medical bills for a physical problem that still has not been diagnosed.  Currently, I have stopped looking for the answer because of a lack of funds.  The problem is a matter extreme fatigue coupled with a constant set of aches.  For now, I am just gritting my teeth, so every word of encouragement about my art and writing is doubly appreciated.

What I hope to do with your support as it grows and continues is to improve my creative abilities.  For writing, I would like to be able to hire an editor to go over my collection with a fine tooth comb to clean up any lingering typos or logic errors.  This would be a good chance to see how they work and evaluate them for use on the two novels I have sitting in my head.  One, I have sections worked on and an overall plan, but no set structure yet.  The other is just an inkling of taking the short story I will be posting next week and expanding it into a novel.  Some basic ideas are taking shape.

For my artwork, there would be lots of practice and exploring.  Your support would help me to eventually buy a computer drawing/painting system where I could work directly on the screen like paper, a professional system.  The encouragement you give through your financial support would also tell me that you like what I do, which is an indispensable asset for an artist.

I just want you to understand that your support is needed and heartily welcomed.  I am taking my art and writing more seriously to earn what you share with me; I hope to bring you more fantastic creations through the years to come.  Thank you so much.


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