What the Hell? (from Patreon page)

That is what my mother used to think when I came back with my photos.  I used to go around a lot taking pictures of sunsets, clouds, and trees for reference.  Although, I have not actually used them much, I still enjoyed being out side watching the sunsets.  What she would complain about was the fact that several pictures would be taken at odd angles instead of vertically or horizontally.  She  said that was stupid.  I, on the other hand, thought doing so brought some action/motion to the pictures.  I learned this from Frank Frazetta.  His painting “Fire Demon” depicts a demon standing with a distinct left lean and a swath of orange and red cutting diagonally across the scene with the same cant.  In the middle of the color swath there is a naked woman on the same axis as if falling into a chasm of fire.  For me, the strong angle of the image breaths motion and action into the artwork.  So on occasion you will see pieces I have done this way.  In fact, I am itching to do another.


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