Perspective (from my Patreon page)

No, this is not a post on how to draw using perspective or even one about philosophy. This is a post about being an imaginative person. Even from an early age, I was always fascinated by how different something looked from other locations.

As a kid, I would constantly climb things and just stare down at the ground to think about or revel in the change in perspective. Big objects would become small, loosing some of there power over me. Being higher also allowed me to see more of the tapestry of the world. For example, think about standing in a field of tall grass on a windy day. You see the blades waving back and forth in a chaotic pattern causing a shimmering effect. Now think about viewing that same field from a distant hilltop. Now instead of chaos, you see waves flowing through the grass like the waves of the ocean.

Another thing I used to love as a boy was placing small boats in rain runoff or in puddles. In my mind, the boats were ships and the water was a river or a sea. One of my favorite puddles occurred at the bottom of my road in a clogged drainage ditch. For days after a heavy rain there would be a foot and a half deep bowl of water trapped. On most days the water was crystal clear, letting me see down to the grass waving below. Oh, my imagination ran wild as I looked at the grass and debris floating or standing in the depths. How cool would it have been to shrink down and swim among the grasses or explore the caves created by storm washed stones.

This is what I mean by perspective, to see more of the world than just what life normally throws at you. Step to the right or left to see how the light changes and the shadows move. I remember a story I read in, I believe in Analog, where a man came across a strange old friend. The man had moved on into a normal life, while his friend continued looking into small holes and decribing the worlds he would see. One day the strange friend disappeared. On a crazy hunch, the normal man looked through the last hole he saw his fiend looking at. He saw his friend sailing away on an ocean that did not exist on the other side of the hole in the real world. I am the strange man.


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