Dreams and Reality

This is a post from my Patreon page:


Where do my stories and artwork spring from, well, to tell the truth, dreams and reality.  I am one of those people where my brain is always on, soaking up input from the world around me.  I like to observe and think, to follow ideas to their conclusion based upon observed behavior.  Also, I have a strong imagination.  I like to extrapolate ideas and dive deep into emotional content.

So many of my stories and artworks are expressions of ideas I have pondered from observing the world.  A few of my stories; however, are the direct result of very vivid dreams I have had.  One such became the basis of a trilogy of short stories I will post later titled “Dragon Dreams”.  The dream elements will appear in the second story subtitled “Currents of the World” and features a sailing vessel traveling upon a sea of sand.  I had this dream a long time before “Pirates of the Caribbean:  Dead Man’s Chest”, but seeing the Pearl cresting a sand dune in Davy Jones’ Locker was like seeing my dream come true.

With my art, on the other hand, I like to express ideas through my images.  In a lot of cases I use the eyes of my subject to tell the story.  I have always been drawn to eyes.  In my past artwork and what I do now, you will see eyes that are something else or have images hidden in them.  My digital painting “Universal Eyes – Infinite Sadness” features a wolf with the Earth for one eye and the Moon for the other.  I did this to symbolize the connection of the world and universe to life.  Something I believe too many of us take for granted.

When you read my stories or view my artwork, come with all your mind because my goal is almost always to challenge you.  Many of my favorite books are the ones that challenged me when reading them.  Some even frustrated me until some “aha” moment opened the entire story to me.  I am only trying to get even with all those authors.  Just kidding but please do enjoy a story or an image or two.


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