Patreon Page

Well, it is official.  I have finally gone live with a Patreon page to support my writing and artwork.  If you do not know what Patreon is, Patreon is a website that makes it easy for creators (artist, writers, musicians, directors) to share the content they create directly with people who can support them financially.  Some creators ask for patronage by the content uploaded, while others like myself chose to ask for a monthly patronage and upload content throughout the month.  As many of you who have come to this blog know, I am currently putting together a collection of my Science Fiction and Fantasy short stories titled “Mystics and Misfits”.  If you become a patron, each month I will upload one of the stories from the collection as a PDF and Rich Text file.  In addition, for a little more money, I will also be uploading more samples of my artwork including files showing the stages of development for my newer digital works.  You can still go to my deviantart page to buy prints but you will have access to jpeg versions that can be used for wallpaper.

So please help me fulfill a lifetime dream of building a life based on what I can create.  Please share with anyone you think might like my work because you will help me and hopefully energize them.

My Patreon page is:

P.S.  Please do not judge my work by my intro video.  I am a much better creator than I am a speaker.  Also, I just uploaded the first story and a little something extra.


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