I have decided on two ways for me to cope with what America has become.  One, I am going to disengage myself as much as possible from this monstrosity of an economic system that truely feeds only the elite.  I am going to live as simple as possible and focus on getting debt free (one of the real causes of our misery).  Just remember, every dollar you spend on stuff you don’t really need, feeds their machine.  Just think of the effect on Trump’s presidency of a big drop in spending.  Yes, that could hurt people’s jobs but are they any more safe now.
Second, I plan to practice civil obedience.  If they are so big about the law, I figure they will be totally happy that I obey every speed limit, come to complete stops at stop signs, and always slow to a stop at yellow lights.  Lets make their lives as miserable as they made ours for the next 4 years.  Come 99%, rise up and follow the law.


One thought on “Coping

  1. Yes, I have come to my senses about the driving but I did want to prove a point with it. The trumpites are all about law and order, but I guarantee most of them break the speed limit law every chance they get. They also roll through stop signs and push yellow lights, we all do. So if these laws are so easily broken, why are they surprised others are.

    For me, the hardest part of this is listening to them gloat because it never stops. They talk about healing then they gloat. They say they are Christians then they gloat. They have to tell you daily how good their choice was no matter the disgusting things that are and will be done and still claim to be Christians. That is why this divide is only going to get worse. George Bush pushed us closer to Fascism then any other President and trump is poised to take us over the edge into being the Germany of modern times, but the so called “christians” are fine with that. And, they expect me to be fine with that and not hate them for it, which is the worst. I have to smile for these prick sinners and let them gloat while they create Nazi America.

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