Cleaning Out Washington D.C.?

I get that people feel the Politicians in Washington are corrupt and need to be cleaned out, our government needs rethinking.  What I don’t get is the idea that Donald Trump is the answer.  This is how I see it.  If we treat Washington politicians like Hillary Clinton as addicts then money, power, and privilege is the drug.  in this scenario I don’t see Trump as the outsider who will bring rehabilitation, I see him as one of the dealers, like the Koch Brothers.  A view that is borne out by his actions in regards to politicians in charge of investigating his businesses.  Does anyone think making a drug dealer the leader of our war on drugs will work out well?


2 thoughts on “Cleaning Out Washington D.C.?

  1. I agree Trump is not the answer. However many who do not want this nation to continue on the road of progressive/socialism must choose the lessor of two evils.

    • I don’t see socialism as the cause of our problems. Greed, an unfortunate part of human nature, is the problem. Greed represented by Trump, Koch, Clinton, and ourselves. Yes, ourselves. Our willingness to blind ourselves to the actions of our government and private sector leaders in order to get cheap electronic junk, clothes, and food has lead us to this point. By not paying the true cost of our merchandise we have brought about our own hurt. By not asking what shortcuts were taken or what costs companies dumped onto the government (site cleanups, welfare since the companies do fairly compensate their employees, extra border protection because companies won’t stop hiring illegals) when we buy our products, we vote yes on their actions. When we buy a smart phone every time their is an upgrade, we say give our job to China. The only way we are truly going to change this country is to sacrifice like our forefathers did during WWII. The banks are holding us hostage with our debt, which is what holds our economy hostage. Learn to do without.

      Our grand economic prosperity was created by the bankers who created the federal reserve, which is run by bankers and is in charge of policing bankers. The first thing they did was to make more money then could be covered with gold. They told us it was real and that the people they gave it to were wealthy so they could buy things with this fake paper money. All this fake money created a boom that would not have existed in reality and they have been printing money this way ever since. Our prosperity is built on a lie that we have to keep believing or it all falls down (2008). The funny thing is that it is not us that causes the economy to falter this way. It is the wealthy bankers. The bankers make all kinds of extravagant bets on projects wealthy people present to them and when they get in too deep they panic, worrying about losing their own money. That is what happened in 2008.

      All progressive/socialism does is try to balance the inequities of our system. Can they take it too far, yes. Can they become corrupted, yes. Can they seem wrong to a lot of people because the problem being fixed does not affect them, hell yes. Too many people focus only on things that hurt them without looking to see if by taking on this hurt they are avoiding a greater hurt for others. To me, that is the sign of a country with God in their hearts. Not one that says “kick them out of the country” or forces women to keep the babies (then calls them whores) but take away any support, so the kid dies young or becomes minimum wage fodder for the Trumps in this world.

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