Good Luck with That

I honestly hope Trump wins.  Not because he is worthy or good for the future of America.  No, I hope he gets in so that all the stupid people in America who believe he cares about the 99% as much as he does about himself will finally get the president they deserve again.   G.W. Bush wasn’t enough.

I hope he spends billions kicking the Mexican’s out (you know his plans have to be paid by taxes right?) and turning them into the Jews of our time.  I hope all our produce prices skyrocket as they try to replace them with American laborers.

I hope he reduces the minimum wage to help his businesses friends profit more off our backs.  I hope he takes us back to the beginning of the century when people were so in debt that they lived in virtual slavery to the coal companies.

I hope he totally deregulates Wall Street and the Banks and they in turn sell us down the drain.  They are doing it anyway, why make it hard.  I hope the bottom end rich feeders on the system get fleeced like the rest of us have for years.

I hope he cuts all assistance to the poor to lower the deficit yet increases the corporate welfare these same people never complain about.

I hope things get so bad that they have to force us to work in places just to keep the country going.  In other words, I hope they get what they deserve.

The damage the banks did in 2008 has already put us in this state.  I have not had a raise of any kind for nine years yet all my costs have increased.  I have health issues my insurances are not helping me with and I have to battle them for every cent but when AIG Insurance blew out from backing the banks, it was our duty to bail them out.  I have no entertainment packages because I can not afford them and I may soon drop my internet.  In addition, I have to try to sell my car because changes in my job will soon take the allowance I make for using it for work away.  I admit, that was my mistake getting it at the time because I counted on the allowance.  I will deal with it but it hurts.  I eat a lot of noodles for diner and lance crackers for lunch and still it is not enough.  However, by government standards and the people who support Trump, I make too much.  I find that rich when they can still eat steak and I have to eat hot dogs.  I do not live high on the hog yet I am very in debt.  However, unlike Trump, I don’t intend to declare bankruptcy four times so I can stay rich at the expense of others.  I will do without as much as I can and pay off my bills.  After all, I am not a Republican.

My only goal right now beyond getting healthy again is to simplify my life.  Get rid of all this crap they make you believe you need.  It isn’t worth it anymore.  In short, I want to get away from the stuff they use to tie me down.  They can have it.

I hope to be there smiling when they all get what they deserve for their greedy, unpatriotic, undemocratic, un-capitalistic, and un-Christian choices.  By the way, if you want to see the path America is taking, just start watching a lot of Germany’s history from WWI on.


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