Health update

I believe I may have mentioned it before but I have been suffering from a health issue that my doctors have not been able to diagnose.  Chronic fatigue, especially in the legs, which is leading to foot pain and leg aches. I spend most of my day standing so this takes most of my energy leaving little when I get home.  I have been soldiering through but it is hard to keep up a good attitude.  A while back I took some time off to get tests done and rest. I applied for my FMLA benefits and have been fighting with the isurance company ever since. 

They initially denied my claim but I won an appeal that covered part of my leave.  Unfortunately, when all my tests came back negative, they denied the second half, which has put me in a world of hurt.  I have racked up a couple of thousand in medical debt and late fees and I am still searching for an answer.  I recently sent in another appeal for the second half of my FMLA but that will not cover everything and is not a sure thing.

Meanwhile, I am back to work and barely surviving.  I don’t get much done around the house because I just want to be off my legs.  Some days I have to take a sick day because I can’t face a day of standing.  

Part of my heartbreak comes from this.  The other part comes from the sadness I see so much of in the world.  Any of you who read this blog know how passionate I am about the problems I see.  Most I feel could be fixed if we would see them for what they really are or by understanding that all the little things we have not thought about can actually be hurting someone in a big way.   So, this burden weighs on me, bringing me further down when things are not going so well for myself.  

Personally, I have been doing all I can to lighten my financial load along with simplifying my life.  Hopefully some answer will come along and I will be able to have the energy to write and paint again, which is the biggest bummer of this all.  Thanks for listening.


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