My heart breaks daily and I think it is affecting my health now.


2 thoughts on “Health

  1. Life can be heartbreaking. Here is my contribution to foster better health. I have written a book about my father, a comedian from the early 1900s. Eddie was in old time radio. In 1942 the Columbia Network’s radio show “Caravan”, decided to lighten the mood of a nation at war by providing an hour of fun and music “with a veritable blitz on gloom”. They changed an hour of drama to an hour of music and comedy. The War Department created the Armed Forced Radio Services (AFRS) to boost the morale of our soldiers by providing high quality jazz and comedy on the radio show “Jubilee”. My father performed on each of these shows singing and telling jokes. One song was “One Meatball” by Hy Zaret. You can hear the song by various artists on YouTube. It’s funny. Try my book. It is entertaining and uplifting. Eddie Green The Rise of an Early 1900s Black American Entertainment Pioneer, is the title. Eddie did not like sadness, he said he didn’t even like to see a comedian boo’ed off the stage. Life is also fun.

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