Freedom of Choice

I was talking with a colleague today and he brought up Trump.  I told him Trump was an idiot for which he said, well, there isn’t much choice because he didn’t like Clinton.  I reiterated that Trump was and idiot or, more accurately, a con man.  Surprisingly, there was not any of the usual bluster from him, even though they were Republican.  I found that interesting.

Many Republicans are not happy with the candidate put forth by their party but feel trapped into voting for Trump because Clinton is no more attractive to them.  What a sad state of affairs in our country when someone feels they are forced to vote for someone they clearly do not like.  However, that is not the case.  Just because you do not like any of the candidates the various parties have put forth does not mean you cannot voice your opinion through your vote.  You are allowed to write in the person you want to elect.  Let me say that again:

You are allowed to write in the person you want to elect.

Hell, if you want to, you can write in your own name but don’t expect a lot of matching votes.  Also, you may want to contain your choices to someone that campaigned this election, since they have shown they are willing to take the office.  Someone that did not campaign may turn the country down.  Other than that, feel free to express yourself.  You can even write in “none of the above”.

In my opinion, should the whole country manage to elect someone other than the two candidates chosen for us by the 1% that would send a clearer message to big money than putting a multiple-bankruptcy, wife cheating, service evading, bigot into office.  The one thing the 1% are afraid of more than unions is the 99% telling them no more.  Think about it.  Bones.


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