An Honest Appeal to All the Troubled Voters out There

For all those voters, Democrats, Republicans, and Independents who fear a Trump Presidency, I would like to appeal to you to write in Bernie Sanders for President.  Why you say, because I believe there is a very real chance Trump can win against Hillary Clinton.  Not only are the forces of ignorance and greed, which strongly support the Republican ticket, so pervasive in modern America, but there is a strong backlash within the Democratic party against their own candidate.

Here is my reasoning.  One, the election of Barrack Obama in 2008 has angered many “White Male” Democrats and set them against the party.  Not because he has actually been that bad of a President, but because in their mind he has been.  They will never come out and say the real truth behind their dislike of him, “Black Man“, but will rationalize it with sound bites from Fox News, which they have turned to in their moral dilemma.  They are still angry at the Democratic party for placing a “Black Man” in charge of the country and, by proxy, them.  So they will vote for Trump no matter how much truth you put before them.  They are angry at the system and country that put a “Black Man” in office and they will spitefully place Trump in office to teach us a lesson, while they will rationalize this as the right thing to do.  I know because this describes my father to a tee.

Second, in addition to this mentality, there is another reason that comes into these and other Democrats heads.  They look at Barrack’s presidency as a grand experiment in placing a non-traditional, read that as “Older White Man“, in office and they view the result as a failure.  They don’t take into account that no President could have made a shining Utopia out of the shit hole we created.  These are the short term thinkers who expect the problems we made over decades to be fixed in a year.  Thinkers easily satisfied with band-aid fix after band-aid fix.  They were willing to take a chance on a non-traditional President to change things; however, there was no Utopia so they soured on the experiment idea.  They are ready to go back to tradition and will turn from Hillary Clinton because she is considered another Democratic experiment, no matter her pedigree.

Third, the truth is that Clinton is not really any better for America.  She is just as tied into the Big Financial institutions as a Republican candidate and will fear doing what is necessary to curb the un-American and quasi-legal activities that are destroying this country and the world.  The banks will run her economic policy like all the past Presidents back to when Thomas/Andrew Mellon and Andrew Carnegie secretly made banking policies.  If you do not understand the influence of these men on our economic present, then read the history of before and after the Federal Reserve Bank.  Also, as evidenced by the hooha around the activities of the DNC Chairperson, Clinton comes off as just part and parcel of the corrupt political system we already have.

To conclude, please, please, please if you are mad at the Democratic party for any of the above reasons, don’t vote for Trump in spite or vengeance.  Don’t decide to not vote at all.  Write in Bernie Sanders and vote for him.  Let’s surprise the hell out of the world and do the right thing.


Note:  The was initially written quickly so I came back and edited the post to make the ideas clearer.


3 thoughts on “An Honest Appeal to All the Troubled Voters out There

  1. I voted for Bernie in the primary. I’m not sure if I’ll write him in. I want to, but at the same time, I do think Clinton can win against him. Do I vote for her, hoping she is the lesser of two evils or do the right thing and write in Bernie? I don’t know. Right now, I really don’t know what I’m going to do. 😦

    • I truly understand your pain. That is what a large part of our country is feeling. My thoughts were much as yours, but I am hoping that unhappy Republicans will think about this too. Also, all the independents who could not vote for Bernie in the primaries. I wish there was an easy answer, unfortunately, this is where Bush, Carl Rove, and the Koch brothers have sent us.

      Wouldn’t it be a beautiful thing if out of the lousy choices given to us by the left and right that we chose none of the above. If all the forces of greed and bigotry actually got put in their place. I know it is much to ask for, but it is better than the despair I fight with now.

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