A Taste of Things to Come

It has been some time since I shared a sample of my writing, but a touch of joy over the first two paragraphs of a rewrite for an old story felt like reason enough.  The story is titled “Above these, Love” and I hope to add it to the short story collection.

“Above these, Love” by Robert Garbin

The sun broke through straggling cloud cover to shine upon the cold desolate remains of the once beautiful kingdom of Elb.  Its torn and burnt fields now rimed under a thin layer of bitter snow.  Golden sunlight reflected from the ice covered stones of shattered gates and crumpled parapets of the King’s castle, like the thousands of tears wept by the Gods at the loss of this noble land.  Winds blew cutting snow through empty streets littered with its fallen citizens.

As evening approached, clouds from the west smothered the starveling sun until all was again shrouded in grey sorrow.  Throughout the city not a living soul stirred.  No cat meowed or dog barked.  The howl of the piercing wind was the only sound.  With the night snow began to fall, covering the brutality beneath pristine white beauty and transforming wrack into gentle mounds.


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