Starship Terra Another Thought


This one goes out to all you scientist, engineers, and business people who are so fond of conquering nature.  When you plow over forests and damn rivers to bring us power and shopping malls, manicured estates and glistening steel towers, non-stick frying pans and germ free houses, you need to remember one important fact.  Remember this fact when you see the annoyances nature throws at you as something to be beaten or destroyed.  We are nature.  We are made from the materials we ingest from the world.  Our bodies respond to the stimuli abundant in nature, in fact, that is how we became what we are.  We also have reactions to the things you do that we do not have the wisdom to foresee.  So do not be in a rush to throw technology at defeating an aspect of nature that bothers you or feel you can profit from.  Because by defeating or destroying nature, you destroy us.  For those Christians who believe God put us above nature and; thus, you should be allowed to do what you want, the philosophy still holds.  God made us from the dust and water of the earth.  You are still connected to and part of the nature you scoff.  Bones.


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