Here is the mini-me of what is truly happening on a national scale.


We fear losing our government to terrorists, Mexicans, or welfare queens.  The truth; however, is that we have already lost it.  Every time we buy an Iphone, big screen TV, or pro-team outfit we are feeding the beast sitting on our government.  When our government says they attacked a country to protect American Interests this is what they mean.  Our government is a slot machine for the wealthy and we are the power keeping it on.  The only way to change this is to live simpler.  Yeah, I know, it sucks but the alternative is slavery to the 1%.  They will not be there to pick us up when we can’t afford to pay our bills, because they already changed the bankruptcy laws so we can’t get out.  However, they still can and this is how they did it.

Go ahead, believe in everything Fox National News tells you, turn a blind eye to this video, enjoy dying from asbestos because they sure won’t help you even though you voted for them.


Hell, trust Trump’s plan for your kids future, just remember to get a good lawyer.  Oh yes, he can afford better.  Let me know how that goes.  We have effectively sold ourselves and our country to the 1%, which would make this country an Oligarchy.  This is a government that is only one step removed from a Monarchy, you know that thing we fought a revolutionary and two world wars over.  At what point do we open our eyes and realize that for the sake of anger, fear, and hate we sold our children into slavery.  What must our Founding Fathers think of us?  Bones


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