What is in it for me?

I have a boss who is a die-hard believer that businesses have the right to do what they have to stay profitable and that they have no responsibility to their employees, basically a republican.  He believes in right to work.  At the same time he does not understand why employees do not show loyalty to their companies.  Ex.:

Our company is trying to land a major account by using the employees we currently have until we get the account and can hire on.   When we land this account, there will be major changes to who and where people work.  Basically, it is a lot of extra work and frustration for those at the bottom of the work force without any additional compensation.  One of the part-time workers is refusing to help out with the program and he cannot understand her attitude.  One, she is a part-time worker (that is all she wants), two, she is an older lady, and three, the way they handled the training was very confusing and frustrating (poorly handled).  He feels she should be helping because getting this account will boost job security (in his opinion).  However, the truth is that even if she were all sunshine and roses, her job would not be more secure.  If we land the account, the routing will be changed to only be available for full-time workers handling a much heavier work load.  In other words she would have to be willing to go full-time or lose her job.  So in the end what benefit is there for her to cooperate?  If she does, she looses her job, if she doesn’t, she looses her job.  Meanwhile, she would have stressed and worn herself out for nothing.  What does she gain?  She gets no profit from the extra work.


He has stated many times that businesses have absolutely no obligation to their employees, only to make money.  They can let you go at any time even if you give it your all.  What I cannot understand is why he feels people should be loyal to their companies.  If I view myself as a business, I should do whatever it takes to make my life profitable.  If that means not taking as good care of the company I work for to save myself for the life I want or going somewhere else if the money is better, then that is just as right.  This is profitable for me.



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