Just a Thought About Free Education

Most Americans freak at the mention of free education and healthcare.  There is always one thing on their mind, why should I have to pay for someone else’s stuff if I do not use it.  This is especially true with free education because if you have already paid for your education, you will not feel very inclined to help pay for someone else’s education.  You get nothing out of it and it is draining your money.

Here are two thoughts that address this issue.  First, if you are still raising kids or have grandchildren, this will directly affect their well-being through a less stressful transition into the working life.  Just look at the stress of finding finances to cover college and the debt that nowadays is burying our young people.  As good parents and grandparents we should be happy to make this happen.  Not only does it take stress off of the children, it takes stress off of the parents.  Now, if you have no kids, another thing to think about is the fact that your funding of someone else’s education may create a doctor, nurse, or researcher that saves your life.  In addition, if the doctors you see are less strapped down with debt they will be less strung out and give you better care and may also be able to charge less.


P.S. An additional thought, if people are not having to shell out for healthcare and education, they would not have to ask for as big salaries, which in turn will reduce business’s costs.


One thought on “Just a Thought About Free Education

  1. Another thought I had is that it isn’t really free. The people that get help now for their education will be paying it back through their taxes to the next generation that receives it. Yes taxes will be higher, but this is a positive way to reinforce the future sustainability of our society as opposed to what is happening now, which is if you can’t afford it you become the uneducated workforce. We then take from them until they need help from the government where we then say they are milking the system.

    Also, think about this, the first few recipients of social security hadn’t been paying into the system with life long taxes but they still got the benefit. Did the country come to a halt? No, but we know now that it wasn’t completely thought through and needs work. So would a free education system. Think about how our country would be now if a large part of our nation was not getting social security. Millions of older citizens would be burdens on their families and/or left to die, which is the Republican solution. That seems to be the Republican solution to everything. Women should not be allowed to work. If their husbands don’t take care of them then they should just die instead of insisting on equal rights. If you can’t find work and are unwilling to slave at one of our lovely corporations for less than it takes to survive. Guess what, dying is free. That is their answer because sharing wealth is un-American even though it is the Christian thing to do. Oh wait, I get confused here because of all the Church backing of the Republican party and our Godly moral imperative.

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