We Need Insurance for our Insurance

This one is for all those people who want to blame Obamacare for all the problems in health insurance today.  Here is a simple truth, insurance companies are businesses that are run by overpaid CEO’s who like to keep their wealth coming in.  What this means is that they are not here for you, they are here for them.  If it is a question of your health and profit, they will choose profit (and their own wealth) almost every time.

Why do I believe this?  History.  When I was younger, I remember watching the news about a hurricane that hit Florida causing millions if not billions in damages for which people had insurance.  Unfortunately, many of the insurance companies had not planned for such a widespread loss of so many customers and did not charge the appropriate rates to build up funds to cover the losses.  What do you think they did?  Yep, they declared bankruptcy.  They collected all those premiums and walked away probably paying only a small portion of what they owed.  Also, do you remember 2008?  Wasn’t there another insurance company that said they could insure banks against failures of their loans?  Oh yes, it was AIG, which had to be bailed out by us, the taxpayer.  Do you know they are still in business under a new name?

So, although Obamacare is not as good as we hoped for and many people’s insurance is more expensive, maybe it is not the fault of Obamacare.  Is it possible that insurances have a vested interest in making Obamacare look bad and making profit at the same time?  Is it possible that they took advantage of the controversial law to boost their profits at the cost of consumers?  Do you not find it interesting that insurance companies immediately raised rates and deductibles before Obamacare even began to affect the industry?  I wonder how much profit these companies are making now?  Again, look at the history of insurance, including the great depression and 2008.  Also, think back to all the times you had to fight with one insurance company or another to get them to pay a legitimate claim.  Look at all the news about companies systematically denying legitimate claims and being taken to court.  Think about this before you bash Obamacare.  Is it Obamacare or the insurance companies?

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