A Sea Song of Six

Here is a little something I created from some words that stuck in my head this morning (sea song of six).  It just sounded so right for prose that I had to develop  it into and share it with you.  This is just a quick, rough story I wrote today that I hope you enjoy.  Let me know what you think.


A Sea Song of Six

by Robert Garbin

Six was a seventh son in a long line of Sixes born by the sea on a Sunday.

Six’s mother sang to him of the sea on sunny days as passed the sailing ships.

She sang him haunting songs on stormy days when she feared for his sailor sire.

Sand and shells were his birth right, while the surging waves were his surcease from sorrow.

Strapping was he to shipmates when of age he came to sign his service to the master of sails.

Sighing of the surf against the shore sorrowfully pulled Six from his lover’s beds every summer.

Six’s days slowly plied the surface of time until his soul became restless for the greater sea of stars.

Slipping away at sixty and six, Six fell silent when the sea sung a lullaby to his sleepy soul.



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