Halo 4 Soundtrack

Courtesy of Amazon


Like many fans of the Halo series, I was disappointed by my first listen of the tracks of the Halo 4 music.  This was not the Halo I loved and was familiar with.  However, as I played the game, I found that the music drove the action just as the soundtracks to the earlier games had and I began to like what I was hearing.  Eventually I was hooked and bought the CD.  It is now one of my favorites.  Unfortunately, the fan base was not as accepting as I was, causing 343 to try making a soundtrack closer to the original three.  I have not played Halo 5 yet, nor heard much of the music, but the little I listened to on Amazon did not inspire me.  I hope I am wrong.  For me, I am sorry that they did not stick to their guns and support the new composer because I would have liked to see the music evolve as the soundtracks from Bungie did.


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