Artistic Idea to Change the Dialogue

Earth Eyes

I previously posted an unfinished version of this image in another post, but I wanted to show it again because of its relevance to this post.  Not long after completing this picture I had an idea, sparked by my disgust and fatigue over the number of attack ads on the video billboards I constantly drive by.  You know the ones:

Picture of a clown with the caption “I believe in Global Warming, do you?”,

Picture of a graveyard with the caption “Obamacare, Shovel ready.”, or

Picture of a fence in the desert with the caption “Stop illegal immigration, it’s the law!”

,ads designed to either make you afraid of something or to belittle you if you don’t agree with someone’s agenda.  I am just so tired of the rhetoric that I want to scream and I bet many of you are too.  In part, that is where this thought came from.  For a year or more I have been thinking of coming up with a billboard sign based on some of my posts to show, like I do here, a different way of looking at things.  Two problems arose in my pursuit of this endeavor.  One was the sheer number of things I have to say and the other was the prohibitive cost, to me, of running the ad for more than a month.  It costs in my area about $10 a day or $300 a month to run an ad on a video billboard.  This is out of my league, unfortunately.  So I pretty much dropped the idea.  However, it stayed in the back of my mind, an unfulfilled need to put out messages other than what is being pounded into our minds daily.

Then another thought came into my head.  If I had started placing ads with my ideas, I would be no different than the people placing the attack ads.  I believe my thoughts are more open minded; however, they could still become bothersome to people.  What we really need is a break from the B.S.  We are being inundated daily with political agendas, never getting a moments peace because of all the media out there.  Wouldn’t I do more good by making the attack ads stop?  But how?  Well, by filling the billboards with something else.  I said to myself, these new video billboards are able to handle some detailed images these days, what about artwork?

Now that is an idea.  Why not encourage artists across the country and the world to buy time on billboards to post there artwork for the world to see?  Drown out the chatter with beauty.  Of course, there is still the issue of divisive and political artwork to consider.  I hope no one takes this amiss, but for the purpose of this exercise, I recommend that artwork with a shock value not be used.  Not because I believe in censorship but because the idea is to give the general population a break from the stress of divisive materials such as hyper sexual advertising, political attack ads, and even overbearing marketing.  Not everyone will like every piece of art, of course, but the thought is not to deliberately make them uncomfortable.  So my dream is to see billboards so full of artwork like the image above that the B.S. artists cannot buy time to even place an election ad.  Now wouldn’t that be something the 99% could get behind.


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