Thought for the Day

Everyone agrees that the Nazi’s were horrible people with completely whacked morals that allowed them to kill millions of Jews as if they were doing the world a favor.  History tells us that the United States were the good guys because we stopped them.  We are the moral compass of the world because of this great deed.  Many Americans like to say that we a better than those murdering Nazis since we would not do the kind of things they did.  We use Nazis as a synonym for all the evil things man does to man.  Wait a minute, I seem to remember millions of Negro slaves being mistreated for decades in ways almost as horrible as the Nazis treated the Jews.  I also have a feeling that the American Indians might have a few stories to tell about the atrocities our Forefathers committed in the name of Manifest Destiny.  Yet when asked, most Americans would say that these things needed to be done.  A large number would even champion the perpetrators of these deeds as pillars of the community.  What I am trying to say is that many Americans need to stop thumping the door of our greatness before the skeletons fall out into the light of day, revealing the past blood on our hands along with the blood we are adding today.


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