Equal Opportunity Employment Means Worthless Workers

I can do this all day.


I have a sister who runs a retail business and she is always complaining that Equal Opportunity Employment laws are constantly forcing her to hire worthless workers to fill a diversity quota.  She gets all fired up when anyone mentions the problems of the black minority and rants about the subject.  Many times I have tried to object to her diatribes but usually give up, since I am not a manager that has to deal with hiring.  However, I had a thought today.  I wonder how many incompetent people she has had to hire due to the fact that they knew or were related to the owner?  How many worthless managers has she had to deal with because they are good at manipulating her boss?  Look at all the CEO’s who ruin companies only to be hired by some other corporation.  How many times have you dealt with an employee, not hired to satisfy EOE laws, that you wondered how they could have been hired?  Bones.


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