When I was younger the world was better!

Here is a piece of wisdom I have recently been thinking about.  Nostalgia is not the pining of older people for a time that was simpler, it is the pining of older people for a time when they did not carry the burden of knowledge they currently have.  While the magnitude and maybe frequency of horrific events has increased, the types of evils in the world are still the same.  During the Roman Empire there was rape, murder, and corruption.  The same goes for the middle ages all the way until today.

Looking back fondly of a time closer to your childhood and feeling that things were simpler and better is an illusion.  People were murdered and disasters occurred then, too.  The difference is that you did not have to shoulder the burden of taking care of yourself and others, nor ache for the loss of a loved one.  My point is that there is no time better than now, you just weren’t aware of the bad things going on then.  Think of that before you go on a tear about the youth of today, because the same bad things were done in your time only it was less crowded.


2 thoughts on “When I was younger the world was better!

  1. Ouch! Guess us old people really see things through rose colored glasses. Although it may also be because people in general had a deeper respect for our country or maybe because more people believed and lived a life following their religion, or maybe it was because young people of the ‘old days’ (myself included) had respect for others…but then again we did have wars, murders and indeed rapes!

  2. I used to think in the terms you mention too, but then history kept kicking me in the face until I saw the truth. How many times has some terrible truth come to light from the past that sheds a light on the ugliness of today? We cry foul at the horrendous deeds of the radical islamist, and they are foul, yet we love to forget that we funded Saddam Hussein even knowing what he was doing to his people. We have supported dictators across the globe in the name of cheap gas and corporate interests for decades. When I was younger, I did not realize the role we played in the world. I just knew there were great things like Star Wars, Atari, and french fries. Now I see the cost we didn’t pay then coming back to haunt us.

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