300 Pound Angry Black Man in the Room

I just had a disturbingly sad ah ha moment this evening.  I remember when Barack Obama won the presidency in 2008, news shows like Fox News talked about the angry black man they were terrified was now running the country.  More to the truth was the frightened, angry white men from across the country who banded together to oppose everything Obama proposed no matter who it hurt.  As long as their views and agenda came first.

However, the deeper truth is that I would much rather have the angry black man compared to the angry white man.  Look at history, angry white men were behind “The Trail of Tears”, Klu Klux Clan, and the Holocaust.  Angry white men created the atomic bomb and chemical warfare.  Angry and scared white men almost started World War III over Cuba.  Angry white men were behind both recorded World Wars and were behind most of the design and production of WMDs.  I know that black men can be as violent as any man; however, you see less world affecting results than that of the white man.  Bones.


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