Simple Test for Republican Voters

Okay, you got your way.  Now it’s time to take your unstable representatives and senators out for a test drive to see how much they bullshitted you by saying they actually support the things you are demanding.  Force them to get rid of Obamacare first thing, see if they will actually do it.  Repealing Obamacare, which actually seems to be working, has been one of the hallmark Republican agendas since its inception.  Well now they can do it if they have enough votes to override the President’s veto.  Do they have the Balls?  Are they willing to piss off millions of Americans or will they look for some way to save face while letting Obamacare remain?  If you are as radical as you have shown yourselves to be, this should be unacceptable.  With the current level of fanaticism within the Republican party or base, the only two choices are all or nothing, go for it.  If you or they do not repeal Obamacare, then you are nothing but the hypocrites I have always known you to be.  Prove me wrong, if not, admit that the rest of us might have some valid ideas and stop bitching.


4 thoughts on “Simple Test for Republican Voters

  1. I know, I question if they will actually do it because it has become popular, but they spent so much time trying to put it down and all those silly repeal votes in congress. They are the ones who made it the issue it is for their party, now do they have the guts to stand up for their stupid/self serving ideals.

  2. Believe it or not I am still driving past billboards with the Obamacare is Shovel Ready message over a graveyard. I hope they don’t repeal it because it has been a big help to my sister and the way things are getting at my job, I may need it soon.

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