Realism versus Pessimism

Many people who hear me talk about the problems of this world and my home country, America, probably come away with the view that I am a pessimist.  I’ll admit that in some ways they are right, but not for the fact of what I say, but more for the fact that I have too much faith in the corruptibility and blindness of my fellow-man.  I am not talking of specific people, who can still achieve great heights of good, but of human society, which is a melting pot of all the aspects of human nature.  I believe that all the whoa-es of this country and world stem from our own inability to face our problems for what they are instead of what select people turn them into.

I come from a family background where a lot of things happened but they were kept hidden, not talked about, or directly dealt with because of the desire to keep up appearances.  I include myself as part of this problem since I to learned to hide myself behind what people expected instead of what I meant.  Only in my later decades did I learn the true costs of living a manufactured reality as opposed to facing the issues as they are.  The true cost is losing a part of yourself.

Needless to say, I am more sensitive to what people say and what they actually do.  By no means am I a master of history; however, I keep an open mind and constantly assess the promises of dogma against the reality they created.  For those that are long time readers of this blog, you are used to my method of looking at the rhetoric and taking my experiences or historical understandings to show how unrealistic the rhetoric is.

For those who are not used to the way I look at things, one example that always comes to mind is the Catholic Church.  I find it hard to believe millions of people continue following the doctrines laid down by the Vatican when they still have not dealt with pedophile Priests in a responsible manner.  How could a Church that talks about the sanctity of marriage and the wrongness of the Gay lifestyle do so little when reports of Priests harming children reached their ears?  How could they just pass the problem along in the name of saving face?  How could they persecute the victims for speaking out and not the Priests for committing the crimes? Finally, how can Catholics still have faith in a church that has done nothing, a church that does not own up to what they allowed to happen, and a church that says, trust what we say and you will be saved, yet allows Priests to commit such sins and still be part of the Church?

The Rhetoric is that the Catholic Church is your path to redemption, just keep supporting us and we will tell you all the evil things to avoid so you can enter heaven.  Don’t pay any attention to the fact that we know what evil things to avoid by allowing some of our members and leaders to commit them.  What the faithful Catholic’s who do not demand accountability of their church don’t understand is that they are equally culpable.  Ignoring evil for convenience sake is evil in and of its self.  This to me is realism.  Yes, there are a lot of factors involved; however, if you keep sweeping it under the rug instead of dealing with it, eventually your rug is sitting on a mound of dirt and your room is impassable.  I believe the problem can be fixed if people face the problem.  Pessimism means that I don’t believe the problem is fixable.

So I am a realist in what I try to express to you and why I think the way I do.  I am also a pessimist, because after looking at human history and hearing the same Rhetoric again and again, I have little faith in our ability to face the problems?  The banking mess of 2008 occurred for the same reasons as the Great Depression, the S&L Bailout, and all the Stock Bubbles of recent years, but we keep trusting these people when they say it won’t happen again.  Bones.


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