Ending Net Neutrality would be the equivalent of Sauron winning the War of the Rings

Face it folks, we are in a fight for our lives.  Will we continue to let them separate us from any chance of a fair and balanced playing field or will we slink into a corner like a whipped dog and let them create a two standard internet?  An internet where the have’s get all the best service and the have-nots’ get the scrapes.  Class warfare at its finest.

This is the reality our form of Capitalism leads us to.  In pursuit of the all mighty dollar, nothing must stand in the way, not even God.  When you have an economic system where the people who profit the most can write the laws, is it no wonder that the laws help them to profit more.  We have already seen the results in the Banking industry where the banks basically run the Federal Reserve, which sets the policy that they follow.  Surprise, they mess up and we get stuck with the bill.  Also, isn’t it a conflict of interest for former bankers to run the Federal Reserve since they set policy for the banks.

Our health care is no better.  Health Insurance companies are nothing short of monopolies with large conflicts of interest.  Does it frighten anyone else but me that insurance companies are buying hospitals and healthcare systems.  Oh, they will say it is to help drive costs down, but I only see them going up.  The out of control costs of healthcare are creating yet another two-tier class system between those with the money to be healthy and those that don’t.  Dick Cheney can get all the heart healthcare he needs without sacrificing his home and family.  Can you?

Education is even worse than healthcare.  How long will it be before only the wealthy can go to college or even have a high school education?  We are already at a point where I question the worth of a College education.  For the cost of a college education (student loan debt) do graduates actually make enough in salary improvement that there is a net gain?  Will they spend the rest of their lives paying for the education that was to make their life better.

And now they want to do the same with the internet and I can guarantee we will open Pandora’s box if we let them have their way.  Public and private interests are increasingly dependent on the internet to function.  If providers can create tiered service, companies that want to provide better services will have to pay more and as a result charge more, which will limit the people they can sell to.  What happens when all music and video entertainment goes completely to streaming?  Will those that can afford the better service be the only ones that can enjoy music or movies?

What happens to companies that are dependent on internet sales to make a profit?  Will they have to pony up more money for a reliable connection in order to conduct their business?   If they do pony up, will they charge more or sacrifice profit?   How will the inability of large segments of America to afford the service level needed to access these businesses affect the company’s ability to make sales and maintain profitability?  What happens to a company that gets into a dispute with a provider over the cost of the providers service?  Will they be pushed down to a lower level of service with delays and errors that strangle the company to death?  We already had a taste of that with Netflix.

What about companies dependent on quick, efficient, and accurate transfers of large amounts of data to run their businesses.  Will Internet Providers be allowed to hold their life blood hostage to gain more profit?  In the end, who will bear the brunt of such power plays, the companies or the consumers?  Companies stay alive by making sure their costs are not more that the price they sell their product for; thus, if they pay more they have to charge more.  It is that simple.

Of course the proponents of this legislation will tell you that such things will not occur and if they do, they will only be minor aberrations.  Again, I draw your attention to Netflix and also, the cell phone services that had to pay fines for throttling customers data rates.  History shows that they will indeed misuse the power given them by the destruction of Net Neutrality.  Hell, Net Neutrality barely keeps them in check now.

In the end will America be for all Americans or will we continue down the path we are walking where only those with the money get to enjoy life?   Will history show that a once great people sold their children into economic slavery for the sake of profit?  Profit they never really shared in.  That is the path we have been on ever since the Federal Reserve was created.  We chose short cuts to wealth, which we are only now seeing the terrible cost of.   Will the end of Net Neutrality just be one more shortcut to quick wealth for the few at the cost of the many?  You decide.  Will Sauron cover the earth in an all consuming darkness or will Frodo destroy the one ring?


P.S. Note the number of tags I have made for this posts and think on how many are affected by access to the internet.  Then think of all the other things I have missed.


2 thoughts on “Ending Net Neutrality would be the equivalent of Sauron winning the War of the Rings

  1. Oh, I forgot to tell you that I tried to access FCC.Gov/comments to post my thoughts on the proposed ending of net neutrality but I was unable to get through. Think about that.

  2. Another thing I thought about is that we already have somewhat of a tiered system with the difference between say DSL and Fios from Verizon. However, I also think there is something in the Net Neutrality law that prevents the internet providers from milking us for more money or denying us service; otherwise, they would not be trying to get rid of it. Remember how the Republican’s said that Glass-Steagle was no longer relevant because banks and insurance companies were far more responsible today. Yet, the same things that happened in the great depression occurred again in 2008, exactly the same.

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