The Last Dark by Stephen R Donaldson: Additional Comments

Since no one has asked and I just happened to have a view today on my review of “The Last Dark” by Stephen R Donaldson, I have decided to expound on the two noticeably missing pieces that caught my eye about the story.  First, you will note a large absence of the Insequent in this last novel of the series.  They are represented in the second hand, if at all, until the very end, which is not really clear on their presence.  In addition, unlike the role the Elohim play in the second series, there is no reason given as to why they acted as they did, no revelation as to their place within the structure of the world and mythos that I could recall.  After investing so much in the second and third books on these characters, their disappearance bothered me.

The other noticeable absence was the creator of the world.  The old man who first challenged Covenant and then Linden to be true to the land is ultimately absent in the final story.  I am willing to concede that this may be an intentional muddying of reality in the end to coincide with Covenant taking Lord Foul into himself (almost like saying this may have been a dream from the very first series).  However, this does not jive with the fact we were given other character’s points of view.  So, for me, the absence of the creator was significant.

I still hold that the book is a good read, just that those two empty spaces left me wanting something more.  I have come to expect so much from the series that I may be a little too demanding.  The first and third books were amazing to me while the second and fourth books were only OK for me.


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