Cliven Bundy: Wrong in so many ways.

I don’t believe in the government this flag represents. By the way, F-you vets who died so I can do this.

Listen, I am no angel.  I have done things that I am not proud and I try to be more understanding of others because of it.  In truth, I had actually considered not making a post about Cliven Bundy since so much has already hit the air waves.  However, I find it hard to stand by and say nothing when such a horrible person is given the lime light by greedy and blind people.  The hardest thing for me to swallow is that this person has the right to say his peace and I believe in that.  What I find disheartening is how few people condemn him for making a mockery of what they stand for?  They just remain quiet.  That is the America I know, a place where the loud mouth braggart can bully a country of patriotic citizens into submission.  Make no mistake about it; Cliven Bundy is a dead beat hoodlum who should be in jail.  He is the gang leader and any who follow him are his gang members.  Let us begin.

First, he is completely in the wrong for one incontrovertible fact.  The land is not his, end of story.  Yes, the government might have been slow to take strong measures as some would have you believe, which they say resulted in the forfeiture of their right to act.  However, if we were to buy into that theory, the laws of land ownership would become a hopeless quagmire of squatter and landowner wars like in the old west.

In addition, try putting the shoe on the other foot.  If Mr. Bundy had loaned grazing land to another rancher for a fee and then they later decided not to believe in Mr. Bundy’s right to ownership and said fees, how long do you think it would be before Mr. Bundy made use of government institutions, like the courts and police, to remedy the situation?  In the end, Cliven Bundy is a common thief.  He has stolen use of public lands for his own personal gain and is now threatening violence if we do not allow him to continue to do so.  I think a guy named Hitler did something similar in WWII.  Just give him Poland and everything would be ok.  How did that turn out?  Make no mistake, this is a man driven by the same greed as Hitler.

Second, for a man who doesn’t believe in the existence of the U.S. Government, he sure makes use of a lot of items of said government.  He had no problem prancing around on his pony waving an American Flag, which is a symbol of all the blood shed to protect and bring this country under one government, the blood of our sons and daughters all over the world who sacrificed their lives for our future.  A future Cliven Bundy feels he does not have to sacrifice for.  Patriotism he only shows when it will do him good.

Oh, don’t forget about the money.  He sure likes the money he gets for his cattle.  You know, that stuff that is printed like candy by the government he says does not exist.  He probably even gets loans to help run his ranch, but wait, didn’t the government play a part in creating the banking system that provides those loans.  I also would not be surprised if he did not get some kind of grants or handouts from the government to help with his ranch, maybe even subsidies.  Talk about hypocritical.  In truth, he is stealing from you and me as well.  Because he did not pay his fees, we had to bear the brunt of maintaining those government lands through our taxes.  The link is not direct but, because the government is interlinked from state to state, the effects trickle down to every taxpayer.

Ah, don’t worry about it Mr. Bundy.

Third, as a Mormon, he is not a very good example of the public teachings of that religion.  He is not even a good example of Christianity, which is the basis of the Mormon theology.  He is putting greed ahead of righteousness.  He threatens murder upon those tasked for removing his cattle from land that is not his.  He encourages others to do the same.  Go to the Church of Latter Day Saints and watch the videos “Stop Bullying”, “God’s Greatest Gift”, and “Let Us be Men” and see if he represents their teachings.

My wife will take a bullet for me because I love her.

Finally, real men hide behind women.  Ask Richard Mack?  Apparently, all the heat these brave militia men are carrying was not enough to make them feel safe so they decided using women and children as human shields would bolster their courage.  Is no one else totally disgusted by these lowlifes who call themselves men?  Again, what of the teachings of Christ?  I seem to remember countries we took issue with for doing similar activities.  Who were they?  Oh yes, North Vietnam and Iraq.  Places Mr. Bundy probably cheered against when we went to war with them.

In the end, any God fearing, patriotic American should be denouncing everything this man has done.  Instead, we call him a folk hero and open the airwaves to his moronic and racist ranting.  Hell, there are some who would kill for him, while others would sacrifice their families for him, sounds a lot like a cult to me.  Remember Jim Jones and David Koresh?  I want to know why the Mormon Leadership is not denouncing Cliven Bundy as a person not following the spirit of their faith.  Why does the NRA not denounce his unsafe gun practices for making the case for gun control more obvious?  Why do women not run away from these men who obviously think more of themselves than of their families?  Why do taxpayers not bitch about the fact that he is costing them money?  Why, because this is the America that I have come to know.  A country so engrossed in the “I” that it has forgotten that it was the “we” that got us here.  We use Patriotism when we don’t get our way, not when we have to give something up, shame on us.


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