By the Way

What is it all about?  I have been thinking of this since I created my audio story “Another Shift” for you to listen to.  In truth, I failed to give you a run down of  the story specs and theme.  First off, there is the technical.  The file is an MP4 that I created it on my Iphone 5 and is a little over four minutes in length.   I uploaded it to my box account, which I am able to make a link to in my main sidebar, along with the rich text copy of my blog post before I came to WordPress.   Also, I asked a friend to download a copy just to see if there where issues; she did not report any.

Second, what is the story about?  Well, this story is for those who struggle daily to face another work day.  I tried to capture the feel of pushing yourself to carry on despite that useless boss or co-worker.  Also, being a fan of science fiction and fantasy, I had to write the story from that perspective.  In other words, what would it be like for a superhero in the same situation.

Finally, what is next?  Well I am working on a short piece from a poem I wrote describing how it feels to be worn down by the ugliness of the world over the decades of ones life.  Then I have two more stories I want very much to read for you.  One is about the end of the world and the other is about how we treat the things we create.  I hope that you will join me on this journey of creativity by downloading “Another Shift” and other stories that I upload.  Cheers.


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