Who do I like and Where can You Find Them

As I continue to evolve this blog, I have thought about what I wish to share with you, about myself and what I like.  The second sidebar of this blog used to cover what any old blog would offer, links to the tags I used, other sites of mine, and the unfortunately small collection of fellow bloggers I linked to.

However, I have decided to add more content pertaining to what I look for when I go on the net.  What writer’s websites do I go to?  Where do I get leads for selling stories?  What interests me?  In other words, what influences me?  So now, I have added more links for you to follow to my favorite sites.  To begin with:

My Art Page – This is a link to my Deviantart page where you can see some of my artwork and also, the art of other members that I was impressed with.

My Face Book Page – You can see some of the quirky things that catch my eye.

Tad Williams Face Book Page – A good place to see what Tad Williams is thinking and doing along with current writing news.

J. Michael Straczynski’s Twitter Page – A good place to see what this talented producer and writer is up to.

Rhalan’s Website – A detailed site of current markets for writers of short fiction.

Standard Manuscript Explanation – A link to a site that explains what editors mean by a standard manuscript.

Hopefully, as time goes on, I will add more interesting places for you to go and maybe make my blog your first stop to all the great sites you wish to see when it comes to art and writing.


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